So you want a little background on who is putting up these stories, don’t you?

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I’m Mariken (nickname Mel)

I’m part of an expat-couple, originally from the Netherlands and currently living in Toronto, Canada with our three kids.

Whenever possible, as a family, we try to experience something or somewhere new while keeping it fun and practical.

Of course, we want to see some of the highlights but rather than booking a package holiday we prefer to organize our own (road) trips.

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Travel and tourism have always been a passion: ever since I was 14,  I have wanted to leave to go and see the world.

That desire took me to

  • work on campsites in France,
  • taking language courses in Spain,
  • work as a tour guide for active holidays in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg),
  • work on a ‘ski’-train taking people to European ski resorts and back on weekends, and
  • work a tour guide on a bus through Norway.

What else do you ‘need’ to know?

I love to write (as you might have guessed) and beside the practical ‘know-how’, I want you to be able to not just picture yourself somewhere but experience my stories with all your senses:

  • feel the thick, clammy, humid air sticking to your skin under the dense, green jungle canopy;
  • smell the hot, dusty, red dirt road beside a baobab tree or
  • experience that high altitude out-of-breath sense on the rocky and steep climb to see the sun rise over Macchu Picchu.
  • To sink your teeth into a crusty, warm croissant, the buttery taste spreading throughout your mouth and savouring that cleansing sip of espresso while looking out over ….

Ok, snap out of it!

I’m a dedicated coffee addict, love to read, run and create colourful cakes, and I kick…….box.

I hate sprouting potatoes (no-one said this had to be useful information, right?) , shopping and woolly, political language or lack of action.

My motto is: if you want something then go and (do your stinking best to) get it.

Very happy to meet you!

One Thought to “About”

  1. Dear Mel,
    This is Murli Menon coauthor at Voyager Voice Magazine coordinator Marco Geri.

    One of my close friends is flying to Toronto via Paris on 1st June to 1st September. I would like you to connect with her if you have the inclination and the time. Please coordinate with me on WhatsApp at
    +917436009084 at your own convenience.

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