Catch Up on 6 Months of Outings


Boy, oh boy, time for a catch up. My absence can easily be explained as we not only moved house or city but continent too. After over 10 years in Canada, work brought us back to Europe. More precisely, back to the Netherlands.

As we planned the move, organized our affairs and said goodbye to too many friends, neighbours, and our home, we also took some last trips; a road trip from Atlanta around Florida and a short stay in Canada.

Overseas, a house needed to be found and the summer holidays were to be filled, so we did some sightseeing.

Dutch mill and part of waterways in summer.





Finding our way

We walked. We visited. We sheltered from the rain. A lot! We got reacquainted with family and friends and found new points of interest.

A return is always strange, especially after almost 20 years. Weirder still, how knowing the language can make it almost harder. Yes, we’re capable of saying and asking exactly what we need, it doesn’t however, represent the feeling of being the foreigner you truly are. Not a stranger, yet not a local either.

I guess, we’re going to see how all of that works out in the end. Another catch up of sorts.

Other things that amaze: the inundating number of bicycles and where they seem to come from. Try driving a car in the Netherlands and keep track of them! The annoying lack of street signs or them being too small, in a strange spot or too few of them. How small the houses are, do they fit more than one person? And on that topic, how few places there are to live. It took the entire summer to find a rental (we could choose from 5 in total), plus we paid top dollar to stay in a holiday rental, 45 mins from our proposed new city!
It does make for a lot of driving to view spaces and fills time quickly.

But we found something close to Haarlem – more on exploring that next week! The kids went to school and fortunately are loving it, and we all slowly started to find our way again. Enough so that we can get reacquainted again too.

New routines, different insights, and stories

Meanwhile, I owe you my catch up stories, ranging from our road trip through Georgia and Florida to local sightseeing in the Netherlands and a wet stay in Southern France,

Keep an eye out for those, starting next week.

And please, let me know, what you have been up to these last 6 months? Road trips? Stay-cation? Camping?

Are you planning a trip? Where to, will it be hot or cold?

Frejus City Hall

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