3, 2, 1 – Go! Off to a great start of 2020


Happy New Year and welcome to the start of another decade – 2020!

Just a short message today to get us all back into gear.

Ready for the seasons, travel, tips & tricks and new experiences in general? By experiences I mean those both big and small because you don’t always have to travel far.

Quite often the most exhilarating things happen in your backyard (Hi Haarlem;). Yes, even if that backyard actually is a balcony or your window onto the street. Maybe it’s your neighbourhood square. Whatever and wherever- being open to seeing things with fresh eyes is all you need to get started.

I know I am, and I hope you are too.

Planning the year: January is RoadTrip-Month

Because they are my favourite type of trip, this January we’ll look at road trips. It does take some time and persistence but planning your very own road trip is very doable.

Have you tried it before? Or did you start and run into issues? What were they? Or what in the process did you feel, made it troublesome and not worth it?

Maybe you’re like me, you love making the trip your very own project. What would be your number 1 tip for someone to organize their trip? This can be both ‘what to do’ or ‘what to avoid’.

Why do you organize it yourself or why not?

Check back next week for the start of the blogseries on our Florida road trip.
Roadtrip organizing

Start of the year – start to organize

As I am mapping out my blogging and travel year, I realize that often we miss out on fun experiences because we simply are too late to book it. So, from now on, I’ll add a section with advice on what to book early when I blog about something. For instance, we visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam a couple of years ago.

As per their information online: 80% of the online tickets are released, exactly two months in advance, each day at noon. The remaining 20% are released on the actual day, at 9:00 am, itself.

Example: Today is January 2nd, and (80% of the) tickets to get into the Anne Frank house can be acquired for March 2nd, 2020 now. So, if you hope to travel here this summer, putting a reminder into your calendar is the thing to do.

Similarly, when we organized a trip around British Columbia and wanted to take a ferry through the Inside passage (check back in February for a blog series on that trip!), bringing a car, we had to book early enough.


Did I miss something important? Please let me know, let’s share and make everyone’s trip the best ever this year.

I’m looking forward to another year of fun, exciting and shareable experiences and I hope you are too! Let me know in the comments: what are you planning? Where to next? What should I come and see?

Afbeelding van Jeriann Keeling via Pixabay


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